Friday, March 27, 2009

Descanso...March 24

We have been to several cities since Tandil: Sierras Bajas, Olavarria, and now Bolivar. Although these are our resting days, I have enjoyed this city very much. The families we are staying with in Bolivar are great. Melissa and I are staying with Miguel, Alba and their daughter Paola. The family lives above their jewelry shop that they own. Miguel repairs jewelry, Paola designs bracelets, and Alba directs the sales. While in Bolivar, we saw a rugby game- very popular here. We also went to an amazing volleyball facility that was built not only for the local team (that is very good I might add) but for all members of the city to use. The facility was impressive: an on-site hotel, swimming pool, sand volleyball court, weight room, locker room and 2 courts. The local team was playing in another city when we arrived, so we did not get to meet them. The locals really enjoy the game, though, considering volleyball is not as popular a sport in Argentina as futbol (soccer). I think the quality time with our families is improving as we become more familiar with the language. We eat every meal together with our families at the table; and every meal lasts several hours. Not 30 minutes. And guess what else…no cell phones, texting. Just wholesome conversation, good laughs, “ching, ching” (it’s what we call having the toast here), and excellent food! Our last night in Bolivar, all of our group and our host families went out to a pizza place. The pizza was the biggest I have ever seen. It was muy delicioso!

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