Sunday, March 15, 2009


In the morning we were whisked off to a lovely neighborhood where we met Martiniano who opened his arms and home to us. We saw the first Quincho which is a special room that has a built in¨Bar-B-Que grill¨, kitchen and space for tables. In this case it was his garage. We had our first homemade empanadas, which were to die for. Then came the asado ¨BBQ¨: Argentine sausage, beef on bone, beef without bone and then as the guests we were offered a grilled small intestine. Martiniano was kind enough to offer his home for us to practice our presentation. We went for shopping for essentials hair straightener a computer cord with the correct plug. We were whisked off to dinner with the lovely Maria. We went to ¨Studio Cafe¨ that looked like a Hardrock Cafe with a live band playing Argentine songs with the crowd singing along. It was Karoake night and as typical americans we decided to grace the crowd with ¨I will survive, by Gloria Gaynor.¨ It was a huge success. We went to a local cafe and had our first Argentine coffee ¨cortado¨ half coffee and half milk.

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  1. You are planting a lot of mental images that will stay forever, returning on command and when you least expect it. Continue to be a human sponge!