Friday, March 20, 2009

Movin’ on up…March 15, 2009

After leaving Mar del Plata, we travelled to a city called Balcarce- land of the potatoes. We only spent 2 days there, but the friendship and warm welcome was all the same. We went to a museum in the city dedicated to a famous formula 1 race car driver- Juan Manuel Fangio. If you are into NASCAR or car racing, I bet you know who he is. I had no clue, but I learned that he is very admirable and a hero here. We also went to the mountain side of the city to visit the great outdoors. We saw a beautiful lake, sierras, peace and quiet. No traffic, no rushing, no noise. It was absolutely fantastic. I keep thinking this is a dream because I never expected anything like this on the trip. I am loving this country more and more by the day.

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