Friday, March 20, 2009

Real Talk- March 17, 2009

Our next move was 3 cities over a 5 day period. Maria Ignacia was our first stop. Population about 500. This city was very unique for me and one of my greatest memories so far. We only stayed for the day, and the people were so very welcoming. We went to a school where we were able to interact with the students inside the classroom. This was the first time we had been able to actually see high school students and get to communicate with them. The students reminded me so much of my students back home. They like when visitors come- I think it gives them a sense of importance (which they deserve). That afternoon we had some very delicious asado (barbeque) and met with other rotarians from the city. Laughed a lot and just enjoyed the company of the people. Even though I cannot understand the language, I do my best. The use of body language has gotten me through many conversations (not to mention Raul and Adriana helping ALL THE TIME). After lunch, we went out to a ranch, which took us about 45 minutes of driving offroad to get to it…I was not expecting what I saw. This ranch was hugemongous. Let me put it this way- this ranch had 3 stories, its own church, 3 separate chapels, 3 tennis courts, a large swimming pool, 3 ponds, access to a lake (which had another home and a boat), and hundreds of acres of just hills and trees surrounding the estate. Net worth: $20,000,000 and in Argentina. It was far better than any house I have seen on the MTV show, Cribs. I sat on a stair column just staring out into the open land trying to take in everything I was seeing. It was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever witnessed.

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